R&D Department


The density value of plastics and compounds used in industry is specific and can be measured using a density testing device. Density measurements are conducted according to ISO 792 standards. A homogeneous density distribution in the product signifies excellent mixing and extrusion, indicating that this test also controls the overall quality of the product.

In these tests, conducted on a balance equipped with a density testing kit, individual granules are first weighed in the kit chamber and then in ethanol, with the results automatically calculated by the device to determine the product’s density value. Measurements are continuously performed under conditions conditioned to 23°C.

At Kabkom Chemistry laboratory, with the use of two Mettler Toledo brand density determination devices, incoming quality control and density checks and verifications of final products are conducted. Additionally, these devices are utilized for content determination in R&D studies. Density determination is performed for each lot during incoming inspection and for each 200 kg batch of final products, ensuring continuous monitoring of production trends.

Density measurements of liquid raw materials are conducted using a pycnometer.