R&D Department


The particle size distribution of raw powdered materials used in industry significantly affects the final product performance and processability.

At Kabkom Chemistry laboratory, the MASTERSIZER 3000 brand/model device is utilized to subject the raw powdered materials to particle size testing during incoming inspection, ensuring continuous monitoring of final product performance. The measurements are conducted in accordance with ISO 13320.

The most well-known particle size parameter, Dv(50), represents the mean particle size distribution and symbolizes the peak point of the measurement graph, signifying the particle size range with the highest volume in the sample. Additionally, Dv(10), Dv(90), and Dv(98), referred to as the “top cut,” are significant measurement results. These respectively represent 10% (the range where the smallest particles are found), 90% (the range where the largest particles are found), and the size of the largest particle in the volumetric distribution.