R&D Department


Muffle furnaces are devices that ensure only non-volatile/inorganic matter remains after burning a product, thus allowing the determination of the product’s percentage fill content.

At Kabkom Chemistry laboratory, there are two muffle furnaces with a maximum operating temperature of up to 1200°C. These furnaces are used for routine quality control of incoming materials and final products to verify the percentage fill content. Additionally, they are employed in R&D activities for content analysis. The analyses are performed in accordance with ISO 5630 Standard.

The process involves the following steps:

Products are added to pre-weighed ceramic crucibles and weighed.

They are then placed in the muffle furnace set to the predetermined temperature and held there for a specified period.

The test temperature and duration vary depending on the product’s characteristics.

After the specified time, the crucibles are removed from the muffle furnace and allowed to cool to room temperature before being weighed again.

The percentage fill content of the product is determined from the difference in weight before and after, expressed as a percentage.