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Every material used in industry has a specific hardness value. Hardness is a crucial characteristic for identifying materials, and it serves as a measure of the general workability and resistance to deformation/impact of a product. Shore hardness is a dimensionless number based on a comparative technique, especially used in the plastic industry.

Shore meters, also known as Durometers, are devices with a spring-loaded weight attached to them, providing measurements through the penetration of the test probe. The lower the depth of penetration of the test probe into the sample, the lower the Shore value. Commonly used devices include Shore A and Shore D. Shore A is used for softer materials, with a weight of 12.5 N and a flatter probe tip.

Shore D is used for harder materials, with a weight of 50 N and a sharper probe tip. Additionally, there are Shore B, Shore C, Shore 0, and Shore 00 devices, and comparisons and verifications can be made within their own ranges. For example, 100 Shore A corresponds to 58 Shore D.

Measurements are conducted in accordance with ASTM D 2240 or ISO 868 standards.

Kabkom Kimya routinely verifies and validates the hardness measurements of its cable sheath and insulation products using Zwick/Roell branded Shore A and Shore D devices in its laboratory, in compliance with these standards.