R&D Department


Cable compounds and other plastics, when burned, produce gases containing 7A group elements (Cl, F, Br, I) that are highly toxic, posing threats to human health and the environment. Consequently, there are standards and regulations limiting the halogen content in cable compounds and general industrial plastics.

Within the framework of these standards, Kabkom Kimya ensures that cable sheaths, insulation, and filling products contain less than 0.5% halogen, and routinely verifies and controls this through the use of the Devotrans branded halogen acid gas determination device in its laboratory.

The analyses conducted adhere to the EN 60754-1 standard. Additionally, measurements of pH and conductivity of the sodium hydroxide solution taken after standard measurements are carried out in accordance with EN 60754-2 Standard, and the conformity to standards is verified and controlled.

As Kabkom Kimya, we guarantee that the halogen acid content of our cable sheath, insulation, and filling products is greater than pH=4.3 and the post-test sample conductivity is less than 10µS.cm, and we routinely verify and control this.