R&D Department


Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy (FT-IR) is a method widely used in all industries for quantitative analysis, and it refers to the device developed using this method. Analyses are performed in accordance with ASTM E 1252 Standard.

The FT-IR device primarily operates on the principle of graphing the data obtained from the absorption/reflection of infrared light by functional groups within the sample. Each functional group exhibits a unique absorption or reflection in response to infrared radiation, creating peaks in the spectrum at the middle infrared wavelength range (% transmittance/% absorbance). These peaks are classified based on their wavelength region, allowing interpretation of the sample’s composition.

At Kabkom Chemistry laboratory, all FT-IR analyses conducted with the Shimadzu FT-IR device are recorded in libraries and used for verification and comparisons. This enables the determination of specific percentages of content as indicated in the Technical Data Sheets (TDS) of input materials. Additionally, it is employed in verification studies of final products and for determining the content of equivalent products.