R&D Department


Color measurement is a crucial parameter for communication between customers and suppliers in the same language of standards.

Kabkom Kimya conducts routine verification and validation of incoming inspection and final product color measurements using an X-Rite benchtop color spectrophotometer based on the CIE Lab method in its laboratory. Additionally, a color device is used for new product development studies and analysis of equivalent samples.

The Ral catalog, commonly preferred in the plastic industry, is integrated into the device, allowing for comparison of measured products with codes in the Ral catalog.

Measurement primarily involves exposing the sample placed on the device’s plate to the spectrophotometer. This determines the L*, a*, and b* values, thus establishing the coordinates of the sample’s color within the color space.

The color space is a 3-dimensional coordinate system, and L*, a*, and b* values can be considered as these coordinates. Accordingly:

L*: Lightness, brightness value, axis between black and white

a*: Axis between red and green