KABKOM Kimya Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş., whose foundations were laid in 2011 in order to serve the cable plastic sector, started its production activities in 2013.


Declaring 2016 as the year of innovation, KABKOM Kimya Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş. has established fully automated machines in its production lines in order to produce quality products and most importantly to ensure the continuity of this quality by keeping up with the age, and has reached an important point with its investments in Quality and R&D laboratories.


As of 2023, KABKOM Kimya Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş. moved to its head office in Izmir and its new factory in Tire OSB with a total area of 15.000 m², 12.000 m² of which is closed, and continues to produce compounds in line with the needs of global cable manufacturers.


KABKOM Kimya Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş., a Turkish industrial company specialized in the research, development, design and production of cable compounds since its establishment, continues its activities as an enterprise preferred by companies producing in the cable sector throughout the country and internationally with its quality products and reliable service values.


Our company will continue its investments as an innovative, followed and sought-after company that responds to the expectations in the sector by preserving the existing company values with its experience and strength accumulated for a quarter century.

It aims to continuously develop by keeping its targets at the highest level. Together with its managers with sectoral experience, its team of well-equipped engineers, technicians and workers, and its customers that it has always trusted, it provides the most professional service in its operations and offers solutions to the needs and problems in the sector quickly. It aims for sustainable customer satisfaction and produces compounds in line with the needs of national and international cable manufacturers.


KABKOM Kimya Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş. In addition to the production of semi-finished products with HFFR and polymer components for cables used in the energy sector, especially in the construction sector, superstructure and transportation projects, HEPP (hydroelectric), GES (geothermal), RES (wind), GES (solar) power plants, communication and communication sector, it provides R&D services by following the latest developments in the sector.


By meeting the requirements of national and international standards, it takes quality awareness into consideration at every stage of production and improves quality standards with personal development and technical trainings planned to ensure sustainable quality, improve the quality system and increase employee competence.


As KABKOM Kimya Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş., we are committed to providing the fastest, most accurate and continuous solutions to technological needs with KABKOM Kimya Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş. engineers and technical team by giving importance to innovation continuity,

We are always moving our service range forward with our professional staff, we prioritize the satisfaction of our customers not only with quality raw materials but also with the opportunities and opportunities we offer together with consultancy services. Technology has become an indispensable part of our world and humanity today and offers great services to humanity. Another issue that technology should serve in our rapidly developing and changing world should be to protect our world and leave a more livable world for future generations. As KABKOM Kimya Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş., we care about nature and use materials that are not harmful to the environment and human health.


As KABKOM Kimya Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş., our primary goal is to exist effectively in the cable industry in Turkey and in the world with our forward-thinking, dynamic, solution-oriented working principle and to progress by constantly developing with sure steps. It is not a dream for us, but our primary goal to always be one step ahead of the competition by following the innovations closely with our research and development department. Within the framework of these values, it is to make our country proud by representing it in the best way in the world cable industry.


As KABKOM Kimya Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş. family, we continue our activities with the values of quality products and reliable service that meet the demands and expectations of the customer with R&D-oriented studies in cable compound production. As the senior management of KABKOM Kimya Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş., we accept and undertake that we will allocate the necessary resources for the Quality Management System to operate at the highest standards.


– To act in accordance with our mission and vision,

– Supporting strategic direction that is appropriate to the purpose and context,

– Fulfillment, maintenance and improvement of the quality management system in accordance with the requirements of TS EN ISO 9001:2018 Quality Management Systems standards,

– Fully meet customer demands and expectations,

– Taking and following up actions in line with risk and opportunity analyses,

– Taking action and following up on targets,

– To act in accordance with the principles of confidentiality and impartiality in customer relations and to continue post-service support activities,

– Ensuring a high standard of protection, putting customer property first,

– Increasing the competence of personnel within the scope of their job responsibilities,

– Raising awareness of personnel in all management systems,

– It commits to manage the work in integration with other management systems.

Mahmut Akif NURSAÇAN

Business Development Manager


As KABKOM Kimya Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş. family, we continue our activities to achieve environmental objectives, fulfill compliance obligations and improve environmental performance in cable cable compound production. As the senior management of KABKOM Kimya Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş., we accept and undertake that we will allocate the necessary resources to ensure that the Environmental Management System can operate at the highest standards.

Within the scope of Environmental Policy;

– To comply with all applicable legal requirements regarding our environmental aspects,

– Managing and supporting the personnel that will contribute to the effectiveness of the environmental management system,

– Ensuring the availability of the necessary resources for the environmental management system,

– Assurance of alignment with strategic direction and organizational context,

– Optimizing the use of all resources required for our production activities,

– As a business, to work in cooperation to achieve the goals in this policy,

– Establish goals and objectives for the reduction and control of emissions and wastes to all environmental media and to highlight significant environmental impacts,

– To prevent pollution at the source by taking into account the environmental impacts related to our production activities,

– To fulfill its responsibilities to ensure the systematic storage and disposal of all kinds of waste generated as a result of our activities,

– It undertakes to ensure the effective maintenance and improvement of the established environmental management system.

Mahmut Akif NURSAÇAN

Business Development Manager

As KABKOM Kimya Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş., we attach importance to the protection of personal data of our valued customers and we would like to inform you within the scope of the Personal Data Protection Law No. 6698 (“KVKK”).

Our purpose in publishing this information / clarification text; In line with your satisfaction, to inform you in the clearest way about the ways your personal data is collected, the purposes of processing, the legal reasons for processing and your legal rights.

Below are the information and concepts that are important for the protection and processing of personal data and it is aimed to fully realize your enlightenment with these concepts.


The purpose of the Code of Business Ethics is to determine the principles of ethical behavior that the personnel working in the Headquarters and Factory branches of KABKOM KİMYA SAN VE TİC A.Ş. must comply with while performing their duties, to assist them in terms of behavior in accordance with these principles, to protect justice, honesty, transparency, impartiality, accountability and company reputation and service quality in the fulfillment of their duties.

The Code of Business Ethics applies to all managers and employees of KABKOM KİMYA SAN VE TİC A.Ş.


Integrity and honesty are our primary values in all our business processes and relationships. We act with integrity and honesty in our relations with employees and all our stakeholders.


This article covers information of KABKOM KİMYA SAN VE TİC A.Ş. that may create a competitive disadvantage, trade secrets, financial and other information that has not yet been disclosed to the public, information regarding the personal rights of personnel and information within the framework of the External Provider Confidentiality Agreement (KK.SS.03) concluded with third parties.

All managers and employees of KABKOM KİMYA SAN VE TİC A.Ş. take care to protect the confidentiality and private information of our customers, employees and other related persons and organizations we work with. It is absolutely unacceptable to obtain any commercial benefit (insider trading) by leaking any confidential information belonging to KABKOM KİMYA SAN VE TİC A.Ş. from the inside. Even when leaving our company, we do not take out confidential information and documents and projects, regulations, etc. that we have due to our duties.

Theft or misuse of goods

It is essential that company property and the personal belongings of other employees are protected and not misused or attempted to be misused. This rule also includes excessive or unauthorized use of company property.

The act of theft or misappropriation of Company property and other employees’ personal belongings can take different forms, including

– Theft of materials, equipment, documents, money or other physical property,

– Excessive use of telephones, computers, photocopiers, fax machines or other equipment not related to work,

– Providing falsified time sheets or expense reports,

– Unauthorized use of our proprietary information, trade secrets or other assets,

– Receiving personal benefits from customers, suppliers or other business partners that should belong to the company.

Intellectual property, proprietary and confidential information

As with all company property, confidential information, intellectual property must be protected and business information must be kept strictly in the offices unless otherwise required.

You must protect and maintain the confidentiality of our confidential and proprietary information, trade secrets and all intellectual property (including copyrights, trademarks and patents) with the same care you use to protect company property.

Examples of the types of information that are considered confidential or proprietary include

– Customer relationships,

– Pricing plans,

– Products and services under development,

– Financial records,

– Possible acquisition or sale decisions.

All documents, files, records and reports that you obtain or create during your employment with the company belong to KABKOM KİMYA SAN VE TİC A.Ş.. You may remove originals or copies of such company property from our offices only if necessary to complete your work and with the approval of your manager. In such cases, you must return the records quickly. If you are involved in the purchase or sale of a company, you may be required to sign a confidentiality agreement.

Information security

Every employee must safeguard and secure the information entrusted to them by their job and be sensitive to prevent unauthorized access to all systems and data.

Each employee must be aware of and follow all policies and practices designed to ensure the security of company information. For example;

– Keeping user IDs or passwords confidential and not sharing them,

– Appropriately report attempts to gain access to or disrupt our systems through traps such as phishing, aliases, or social engineering,

– To read and apply the correspondence and directives on information security published by the Company,

– Not installing personal or unapproved software on company computers or company-issued mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets,

– Ensure physical security and password protection of all portable devices (laptops, tablets, smartphones) and storage devices,

– Ensure that there is no sensitive information on the desk and in work areas,

– Send confidential or restricted information only if you are authorized to do so and take appropriate measures to protect the information.

If your job involves accessing personal information, government records or other sensitive information, make sure you know and follow all policies and laws that apply to that information. If you have questions or concerns about information security, talk to your manager.


We must protect the privacy and security of the personal data of our customers, employees, consumers and others and comply with the laws governing how we use this information.

In the course of our activities, personal information of our customers, suppliers, employees, those who have applied to work with us may be collected, kept and used for this purpose.

Personal information is information that can be used to identify a person. This information may include details such as a person’s name, address or telephone number or official identification number.

For this purpose

– You must comply with laws and company policies regarding the protection and use of personal data,

– You must not collect, process, use, disclose or store personal data unless you have an acceptable business purpose and the necessary notifications have been made to the data subjects,

– You must strictly follow company policies and other safeguards regarding the proper classification, collection, processing, use, disclosure, retention, transfer and deletion of personal information. You should endeavor to protect such information as if it were your own.

Confidentiality of Personal Information

Personal information of everyone working in the company is kept confidential. Do not share your salary, benefits, passwords and passwords valid for company transactions and all other private information with anyone else. In the event that you coincidentally share the information you have obtained from another employee and your own personal information with third parties, your employment contract will be terminated without compensation.


All managers and employees within KABKOM KİMYA SAN VE TİC A.Ş. should avoid “Conflict of Interest” situation that arises in case of being involved in an activity or material interest that may overshadow, prevent or negatively affect the decisions taken to fulfill the work performance in full time and at the required time. If a conflict of interest arises, the unit supervisor should be contacted.



KABKOM KİMYA SAN VE TİC A.Ş. carries out all our domestic and international activities and transactions within the framework of the laws of the Republic of Turkey and international law, and provides accurate, complete and understandable information to legal regulatory institutions and organizations in a timely manner. While carrying out all our business activities, we keep an equal distance from all kinds of public institutions and organizations, administrative entities, non-governmental organizations and political parties without any expectation of benefit and fulfill our obligations with this sense of responsibility.


KABKOM KİMYA SAN VE TİC A.Ş. meets the requirements of ISO 10002 Customer Satisfaction Management System: It acts honestly and fairly towards all its customers, is sensitive to the problems of its customers, aims for the highest level of customer trust by producing fast and permanent solutions. It shows the necessary effort to fulfill the commitments made to the customer.


KABKO KİMYA SAN VE TİC A.Ş. provides a healthy and safe working environment for all its managers and employees. Under the priority of the human resources unit, studies are carried out to ensure and improve the social rights of employees. An equal working environment free from discrimination and without race-religion-nationality-gender discrimination is provided. It aims to increase the competence of employees in terms of their job responsibilities. Within the scope of Law No. 6698 on the Protection of Personal Data and our Information Security Procedure, all information belonging to employees is kept.


KABKO KİMYA SAN VE TİC A.Ş. adheres to the contracts made with the companies that supply services/goods. Supplier company information and price offers are carefully stored and not shared.


KABKOM KİMYA SAN VE TİC A.Ş. competes only on legal and ethical grounds within the framework of active and mutual respect with competing sector companies and avoids violations of competition law. It does not support attempts to restrict or limit competition.


We fulfill our responsibilities towards the society and the environment we interact with in our operational processes. It takes care to avoid energy consumption, environmental pollution and financial burdens in every process. At this stage, it avoids giving and receiving gifts, products and services that will affect our decisions and activities and that are intended to provide privileges or benefits that are not in line with the course of business.

Our Social Compliance Policy includes the standards that we have established with all our business partners based on our core principles and values and carried out as a teamwork. Our goal is to ensure that the Social Compliance Policy becomes a corporate culture within our organization. For this reason, social compliance standards have been established and started to be implemented. In addition to creating products and services with these social compliance standards, this policy undertakes to provide employees with all their rights arising from the standards within the framework of the law, to comply with occupational health and safety rules, to be sensitive to the environment, to create a workplace environment where employees are treated with open and honest communication, respect and value. The social compliance policy is announced to all our employees through trainings or communication channels (bulletin board, website, e-mail group, etc.), our suppliers are informed and our suppliers are evaluated according to these criteria.

Within the scope of this policy, no sanctions or punitive actions are taken against employees who express their concerns, worries and complaints, and the suggestion, wish and complaint boxes created to express these concerns and worries are used.

Employees can openly declare all kinds of opinions, requests, complaints and suggestions in the boxes and these are evaluated by the Senior Management and necessary improvement activities are carried out for areas open to improvement.

The Social Compliance Policy covers the following components:



Our organization does not impose compulsory labor on any employee. Working principles in our company are based on voluntariness. If the employee quits the job, the company does not prevent or postpone it, except for any security reasons. All kinds of information of our employees are protected and kept confidential to the extent specified by law.

  1. Child Labor (Underage Employees)

KABKOM KİMYA will comply with this principle by not directly or indirectly employing minors under the age of 15 years, with the exception of the minimum age to complete the compulsory education process determined by law and the exceptions defined by the ILO.


Senior management and all employees of KABKOM KİMYA may not exclude persons, prefer certain persons, or discriminate against persons on the basis of gender, age, creed, race, social class, ancestry, social background, disability, ethnic and national origin, nationality, membership in trade unions or other legal organizations, political affiliations or opinions, sexual orientation, family responsibilities, marital status, illness or any other condition that may cause discrimination. In particular, workers may not be harassed or penalized for any of the above reasons.


Without disregarding the objectives and expectations set forth in this section, KABKOM KİMYA Senior management and all employees shall comply with this policy by not engaging in any form of corruption, fraud or embezzlement or any form of bribery, including, but not limited to, promising, offering, giving or receiving any financial or other inducement.

  1. Working Hours and Remuneration (Wage / Salary)

KABKOM KİMYA Istanbul-Central Branch employees work at 09:00-18:00 on weekdays; white-collar employees working in Aksaray Factory work at 08:00-17:30 on weekdays and blue-collar employees work in 12-24 working hours. According to Article 4 of the Regulation on Working Hours Regarding the Labor Law, which is prepared based on Article 63 of the 4857 Labor Law, the working time is maximum 45 normal working hours per week. If employees work overtime, overtime is applied over their daily wage. The use of overtime must be voluntary and it is ensured that overtime working conditions do not significantly increase the likelihood of occupational hazards. Salaries must be paid on time, regularly and in full in the national currency.

  1. Health and Safety

KABKOM KİMYA complies with this principle by respecting healthy working and living conditions for all its employees and all the environments (suppliers, visitors and neighboring companies) with which it interacts. Changes will be made considering working conditions for vulnerable individuals such as, but not limited to, young workers, new mothers and women expecting children, and persons with disabilities. An occupational health and safety management system has been established, implemented and continuous improvements are made, taking into account compliance obligations (laws, regulations, standard requirements, customer requirements and other requirements) within the scope of occupational health and safety.

  1. Engagement with Society and Stakeholders

Our company is committed to establishing bonds̆ on the basis of goodwill by listening to the views of its stakeholders, obtaining information from their views and taking their views into consideration. In this context, it determines employee representatives in accordance with the legal legislation, creates an environment where employees can discuss their problems with the representatives and allows them to report their problems in writing to the suggestion boxes. It commits to establishing a dialog with its stakeholders on workplace rights issues related to the workplace and within its sphere of influence, where appropriate.

  1. Foreign National Employees

In accordance with our laws, employment contracts for foreign national employees working / to work within KABKOM KİMYA will be arranged in the language they understand. All personnel transactions from employment to the process of leaving the job are carried out in accordance with the legal regulations in force. In no case can the worker be employed by indebtedness. The legal rights of foreign workers to work are protected by our enterprise. Our enterprise does not employ illegal workers.

  1. Rest Days and Holidays

Our employees are not deprived of rest and vacation days within the framework of their legal rights. White-collar employees work 5 days a week and are given two days of week vacation. Blue-collar employees, who work 10.5 hours a day, are given 24 hours of rest time. 

  1. Recruitment and Employment

Open positions needed by the management of our company are determined and employment is carried out by the company management in accordance with the laws and within the framework of certain rules (egalitarian approach, leave, wages, vacation, employment contract, etc.).

  1. Employment Contract (Employer Contract)

A “Fixed-Term Employment Contract” is prepared between our company and the person to be employed, in accordance with the workplace and the law and containing the conditions offered to the candidate personnel. The personnel who accept to start working are made to sign the “Fixed Term Employment Contract” and “Non-Competition Agreement”. A copy of the employment contract is given to the employee in return for signature, and all the rules and regulations required by our business and work are transferred to the relevant personnel through orientation training.

  1. Work and Worker Discipline

KABKOM KİMYA aims to ensure disciplined work with the Disciplinary Regulation (KK.TL.83). All our employees carry out their work by acting in accordance with the working rules instructions. 

  1. Protection of the Environment

KABKOM KİMYA takes necessary measures for environmental pollution in accordance with the requirements of ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems and legal requirements. The established Environmental Management System must be implemented, controlled and continuously improved.


The purpose of this policy is to clearly and explicitly set out KABKOM KİMYA SAN VE TİC. A.Ş.’s approach to bribery and corruption within the scope of the Code of Business Ethics and to ensure compliance with legal and universal rules.


Anti-Bribery and Anti-Corruption Policy:

– All KABKOM KİMYA employees, including the Board of Directors of KABKOM KİMYA SAN VE TİC. A.Ş,

– Suppliers from whom we receive goods and services covers.

This policy

– Human Resources Practices,

– KABKOM KİMYA Code of Business Ethics is an integral part of it.


Bribery Bribery is the benefit provided to a person in the form of goods, money or benefits in order to provide illegal convenience, expeditiousness or benefit in a work that is desired to be done. In a slightly broader sense, a bribe is anything that directly or indirectly gives or gives an illegitimate advantage to a person in order to induce him or her to perform a function or activity improperly.

Corruption: The direct or indirect solicitation, offering, giving or accepting, directly or indirectly, of an unfair commission or other undeserved advantage, or the promise of such an advantage, affecting the ordinary performance of a duty or the required conduct of the beneficiary of an unfair commission or other undeserved advantage or the promise of such an undeserved advantage.


Senior Management To ensure that the Anti-Bribery and Anti-Corruption Policy is established, implemented and updated.

Unit Managers: To implement the requirements of the Anti-Bribery and Anti-Corruption Policy and ensure that all employees are informed and act in accordance with the policy.

Employees: To implement the requirements of the Anti-Bribery and Anti-Corruption Policy.


Companies and business partners from which goods and services are purchased and sold are obliged to comply with the principles of the Policy and other relevant legal regulations, and work with persons and organizations that do not comply with them is terminated.


6.1 Bribery and Corruption

KABKOM KİMYA SAN VE TİC A.Ş. is against all kinds of bribery and corruption. It is absolutely unacceptable to take or give bribes regardless of the purpose.

Business relations with third parties who want to do business with KABKOM KİMYA SAN. VE TİC. A.Ş. through bribery or corruption should not be continued.

6.2 Gift

A gift is a product that does not require a financial payment and is usually given as a thank you or commercial courtesy by people in a business relationship.

Any gift offered or given by KABKOM KMYA SAN VE TİC A.Ş. to third parties must be offered publicly, in good faith and unconditionally. In this context, the principles regarding the gifts that can be given and their recording are written in the KABKOM KİMYA Code of Business Ethics.

The same principles apply to the acceptance of gifts, and gifts other than symbolic gifts that do not have a high material value, which are included in these principles, should never be accepted. In addition, even if it is within this scope, the acceptance of gifts should not be frequent, and the acceptor should notify the company HR and senior management of the accepted gifts through the first supervisor.

6.3 Facilitation Payments

Persons and entities covered by this Policy are not offered facilitation payments to secure or expedite a routine transaction or process (obtaining permits and licenses, obtaining documents, etc.) with government agencies.


The issues that KABKOM KİMYA SAN VE TİC. A.Ş. must comply with regarding the accounting and recording system are regulated by legal regulations.


– Recording and maintaining all kinds of accounts, invoices and documents related to relations with third parties (customers, suppliers, etc.) in a complete, accurate and reliable manner,

– Accounting or similar business records relating to any transaction should not be falsified or distorted.


KABKOM KİMYA SAN VE TİC A.Ş. ensures that trainings are organized on the Anti-Bribery and Anti-Corruption Policy to be announced to its employees and actively implemented.


If there is an opinion or suspicion that an employee or a person acting on behalf of KABKOM KİMYA SAN VE TİC A.Ş. is acting contrary to this policy, it should be communicated to the Human Resources Department. Issues related to KABKOM KİMYA SAN VE TİC A.Ş. Code of Business Ethics are reminded to its employees periodically.

KABKOM KİMYA SAN VE TİC A.Ş. encourages an honest and transparent approach and supports any employee or any person acting on behalf of KABKOM KİMYA SAN VE TİC A.Ş. who raises sincere concerns in good faith and keeps such reports confidential. No employee may be subjected to pressure or punishment due to a notification made to the Human Resources Department that he/she believes to be a violation of the Code of Ethics, and no change can be made in the scope or place of duty for this reason without the written consent of the Ethics Committee. In the event that the reporting person is subjected to such treatment, he/she must report it to the Human Resources Department.

Companies or business partners from which goods and services are procured must also regularly remind their employees about the Ethical Line and encourage them to report such situations in case they encounter them. This issue is also guaranteed by the contracts made.


In case it is determined that there is a behavior, attitude or activity contrary to the Policy in the contracts made with the companies from which goods and services are purchased and sold or the persons and organizations working on behalf of KABKOM KİMYA SAN VE TİC A.Ş., the provisions stating that the works / contracts in force will be terminated unilaterally by KABKOM KİMYA SAN VE TİC A.Ş. for just cause and these provisions are applied without exception in case of Policy violation.