KABKOM INC. which we founded in 2011, started its ─░stanbul centered operations in 2013. KABKOM INC. being the first local company engaged in production of rubber-based halogen free compound, renders service to plastic industry with its wide range of products and customer-oriented HFFR compound and Polymer Compound production. Our Company, besides widely offering variety of sevices to Cable sector, declared 2016 the year of Innovation and focused on improvement of Research and Development activities and within this framework, plans to open a new R&D Center in 2017.

KABKOM INC. that operates through a manufacturing plant situated on an area of 27500 sq meters (of which 11000 sq meters is closed area), from 1998 onwards, adopts quality service as a principle in its operations with its customers with the support of its adequately organized corporate team comprising directors with sectorel experience and educational background, well-eguipped engineers, technicians and workers.